Saturday, 27 January 2018

Modernist house plans

Modernist house plans
Okay, so these are technically Dolls House Plans.... Perhaps not what your were expecting?

Measurements on plans are in Inches, so will need  scaling as desired.
With a bit of extra effort I see no reason why this couldn't be used as is for scenic purposes, or  adapted for use a a station?

From Popular Mechanics 1937


1/148 Art Deco Buildings - 'Ngineer' on Shapeways

This guy on Shapeways has some very interesting products available in the 1/160 scale compatible with N-Gauge railway systems.

Art Deco Gas Station 3d printed

1/160 Art Deco Gas Station

N Art Deco Waiting Room WSF 3d printed

1/160 Art Deco Waiting Room

This can be made extended on request...

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Art Deco Arnos Grove London Underground Station and Bus Garages - Kingsway Models

Futher to todays earlier post, investigations have revealed more usful kits from the 30s.

Although these will be of more use those modeling a layout loosely based upon a London theme, they are both interesting and of the period.

See the Kingsway Model site for further informaion and ordering

British Art Decal Stations and Signal Boxes.

British Art Deco / Odeon Style Stations and Signal Boxes - Bachmann / Graham Farish

Bachmann (Europe) (Also Available under the Graham Farish brand) have released a number of cool looking 1930s era Station and Signal box structures in the Art Deco "Odeon Style" as used widely, but not exclusively in the Southern and London Transport regions.

The main building is an art deco station that is representative of many found in the Southern area, but looks to be modelled on the Sudbury Town station.

The platform sections are based upon those found at Harrow-on-the-Hill, .

There is also a Signal Box to complement the stations buildings and resembles those at Dorking(North), Bognor Regis and Templecombe.

As these items were released sometime back they have started to fizzle out, therefore a bit of searching will be required to track down some of these items....

42-064 Art Deco Signal Box 118 x 40 x 42

42-065 Art Deco Platform Centre Building 85 x 58 x 39

42-066 Art Deco Station Building 132 x 67 x 51

42-067 Art Deco Platform End Building 60 x 58 x 26

42-068 Art Deco Subway building 85 x 58 x 26

42-074 Art Deco Bus Garage 

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Odeon Cinema (Low Relief)

I find this a really nice item, perhaps those outside of the UK will be less familiar with this cinema chain and their use of the Art-Deco in cinema constructions. These were after all the new theatres of there day providing access to the glamour of the 'movies' from Hollywood etc..

In the UK, it also has a nice tie-in as some of the design motifs of the period were also incorporated into the designs of their buildings ranging from the Stations to Signal boxes. A search on google for 'southern railway  odeon style' will give you an idea.

Available: Now, for online Download at £3.99

Sunday, 31 October 2010

1/150 Deco/Modernist Buildings - Sankei

Some new kits Miniaturat range by Sankei, in 1/150 scale.
Made of lasercust precoloured card and fibre board. Painting is not required, although many may wishto blend or weather them into their layouts or dioramas

The first (curved fronted) building is designated as an opticians, but you could use it as requried.
Cost: $20

The second, is a more commerical buidling, again it could be used in a variery of ways?
Cost: $20

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Scratch Build a Art Deco Billboard Frame

Scratch Build a Art Deco Billboard Frame

Whilst these are based upon US prototypes, I have to say they do have a passing resememble to some of the bill boards in the UK Southern Railways Region. Certianly on the lines from Waterloo to Guilford via Surbiton and from Clapham Junction out to Richmond there are strong Art Deco Motifs.

Although in the UK, I would say that you could remove teh wooden framework as the examples i have seen tended to be along side stations and level with the trackside and made of concrete not wood. I dont think the wood vs concrete is a significant issue as the form factor would appear to fit either material?

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Streamlined Locomotion

Streamlined Locomotion

I have just found this great looking site,
The aim appears to be N-Gauge, but it does also cover otehr scales and real life machines!

Monday, 14 July 2008

PFA Productions - New Deco Stlye Bridge!

PFA Productions - New Deco Stlye Bridge!
A nice looking bridge!

[1/160] N Scale Single-arch bridge with abutments PRICE: $79.00

[1/160] N Scale Single-arch section PRICE: $59.00

Thursday, 3 April 2008



I have not forgotten about this site, further updates will be coming as and when.
Unfortunately I have been tied up with other projects.

Please feel free to help this resource by leaving links or items in the comments, and i will happily review them for future inclusion!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Kruchenberg - Locomotive Genius! - Part 1

Kruchenberg - Locomotive Genius! - Part 1
Schienenzeppelin N / Rail Zeppelin
made by KATO/Hobbytain
The train was built at the beginning of 1930 in the Hannover-Leinhausen works of the German Imperial Railway "Deutsche Reichsbahn" company. The work was completed by autumn of the same year. The train was 25.85 m long and had just two axles, with a wheelbase of 19.6m. The height was 2.8 meters. As originally built it had a BMW VI 12 cylinder petrol aircraft engine of 600 horse power driving a four-bladed (later two-bladed), fixed pitch wooden (ash tree) propeller. The driveshaft was raised 7 degrees above the horizontal to give the vehicle some downwards thrust. The chassis of Schienenzeppelin was designed aerodynamically having some resemblance to the era's popular Zeppelin airships and it was built in aircraft style to reduce weight.
The interior of the railcar was spartan and designed in Bauhaus-style.
other info

1930 Deco/ Bau-house Style Apartments

Aughagen Apatments - Card based kit, can be adapted to have addtional floors or addtioanl wings, so all in all quite flexible kit.

1:160BILT-EEZI Apatments - Card based kit, can be adapted to have addtional floors or addtioanl wings, so all in all quite flexible kit.

1/160 USA "The Pioneer Zephyr"

1/160 US Steamlined Locomotives! The Pioneer Zephyr

The Pioneer Zephyr is a diesel-powered railroad train formed of railroad cars permanently articulated together with Jacobs bogies, built by the Budd Company in 1934 for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad (CB&Q), commonly known as the Burlington. The train featured extensive use of stainless steel, was originally named the Zephyr, and was meant as a promotional tool to advertise passenger rail service in the United States. The construction included innovations such as shotwelding (a specialized type of spot welding) to join the stainless steel, and articulation to reduce its weight.

Friday, 19 October 2007

1/160 Bridges and overpassess

In order of photogrpahs presented:
Oregon City (Willamette River) USA
"Malden Manor" SURREY, UK (between Raynes Park and New Malden (or Surbiton))

628-0150 Rix Products "Early Overpass" - available in kit combinations*
933-3800 Walthers Art Deco Highway UnderpassCornerstone Series(R)
9009 Merchant Street Bridge
9003 Art Deco Bridge

*- available in a number of options ranging from completed spansm through to railings!

Calvin Coolridge Memorial Bridge

1/160 Walthers Cornerstone

Walthers CornerstoneCornerstone Series(R) State Line Farm Supply

-1/4 x 4-1/4 x 1-7/8" Ramp: 1-3/16 x 4-7/8"Walthers Part # 933-3808

* Decorative Brick Fa├žade with Barrel Roof * Served by Rail & Road * Separate Trackside Wood Loading Ramp * Oil & Fuel Tanks * Customize with Windows, Doors & Decals Included * Great Addition to Agricultural Areas * American Prototypes for Popular Eras * Molded in Colors * Easy Construction * Great-Looking Decals

1/160 Gas Stations (petrol stations) - updated

By no means a comprehensive audit, but two of the most convincing examples - other do exist and may feature in the future

Top: "Gulf" Gas stations by "Micro Structures" - - apparently there is a lighting kit for this too!

Bottom: Crafton Avenue Service Station by "City Classics"

These guys have a range of Bricks, wood, Pavements and road surfaces etc

1/160 Nu-Line "Sante-Fe" Station USA

Whilst this station was built in 1946, a little late for "art deco" I think it still "looks right", so I include it!

back ground info here:

note; this company also does other elements you may find complimentary!